Wednesday, January 02, 2013


I've just had this photo from our guest Julie Khadem, together with this extraordinary email. Thank you Julie, we've never seen them like this either. When it is raining, then we recommend that folks go down Glen Etive to see the big deer herds, and also to see the mad nutters who crash down the River Etive rapids in their kayaks. They are brilliantly clever actually, but I bet they don't let their mothers see what they do.

Hi John, 
           You are very welcome to the photographs. We were utterly amazed by the deer. We drove very slowly up to them, but fully expected them to scatter anyway..They didn't. They just looked at us, and carried on pottering round, dozing or nuzzling each other. We were within touching distance. So we sat there, with the car window open, just drinking it in, in tears (me!) because we felt as if they were giving us something special. And they were. We felt we were being given the experience of actually being one of the herd. Seeing and smelling a wild herd, and being in their midst - I still don't know what happened that day. It was as if the usual rules of nature just went out of the window. 

We'd spotted some stags earlier- two dots on the horizon, wonderful, and we thought that was going to be our lot! We saw this large group on high ground, toward the very end of the road. I've never, ever, felt so close to nature, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. Neither of us have. And the feeling hasn't left us. 

At the time, hubby kept saying, 'let's not turn back until we have reached the road's end.' I'm so glad he suggested that! We felt very honoured to be given that gift of proximity by the deer. It was our best day. Amazing atmosphere in Glen Etive, mists and waterfalls and something terrific about the feel and smell of uninterrupted nature. Absolutely our best experience ever. All the best for the season!


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