Monday, December 23, 2013


It will not stop the Scots. Nothing stops them. But no one will be doing this to-day.

To-days Snow Report NEVIS RANGE
Last update - Sun, 22 Dec 2013 09:15:54 GMT
Run Conditions
Gondola only is open but wind is quite gusty. Overnight snow has drifted in the strong winds to form drifts of up to 50cm high around the top station area. Dry slope beginner’s area has around 80 percent snow cover but too windy to operate Alpha at present. More snow is falling further up the hill.

Be aware that the forecast is for stormy weather to continue over the next few days though we hope for some weather windows to allow access to the mountain.

Snow/hail showers are helping accumulate snow on the runs again. We need more to complete the runs and the forecast is indicating snow for the next few days. Lightening has taken out most of our weather instruments. We have not yet been able to repair all the storm damage to the ski lifts, buildings, webcams and weather station due to the continuing storms. Lightening damage has added to the list. The number of ski lifts able to operate are limited until we get a couple of calmer days.
Snowsports School will be operating on the artificial slope or on snow whenever they can get up the hill.
Snow Level Vertical Runs
Lift Status
Gondola - open
Rope Tow - closed
Linnhe/Lochy Button - closed
Alpha Button - closed
Quad Chair - closed
Goose T-Bar - closed
Summit Button - closed
Warren's T-Bar - closed
Great Glen Chair - closed
Rob Roy T-Bar - closed
Braveheart Chair - closed

Merry Christmas everyone.

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