Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ouch! I've done my other shoulder this time.

Antony McKay's wonderful shot of the PollDubh Falls. This is at the top of Glen Nevis, where the road passes over the falls.
Glencoe may seem a peaceful place to-day, tranquil and calm despite its dreadful history.

For some it is still dangerous – those who climb the more difficult routes are often afraid – they never ever say so but they are, trust me. Kayaking down a swollen River Coe may seem like fun most of the time, and it is, but even the most experienced can come a cropper, and then it is not fun. Anthony knows what he is doing in Scottish rivers. Rocks are an objective hazard, it is a risky sport and not knowing what may happen next is part of the thrill. Antony stayed with us for a short break in November.
Had a good week but activities were limited due to spending most of Sat in Belford Hospital. I dislocated my shoulder kayaking and damaged my foot. Spent the rest of the week with a limp and my arm in a sling. Still feel quite lucky as it could have been worse. Unfortunately a kayaker drowned a day earlier.

After all, we still had a great week. Tuesday onwards the weather was perfect and I was well enough to walk at Loch Arkaig which was stunning in the autumn colours, walked near Blackwater Resevoir and in and around Glencoe. We also treated ourselves to a meal at Ballachulish Country House which was one of the best meals we have had in a long, long time. Well worth the money.

We walked from Kinlochleven up a steep hill by a waterfall called Grey Mares Tail, up, up and up to join an estate road eventually with great views back down to the loch and the Pap of Glencoe. The estate road then continues to a reservoir / loch that feeds the Blackwater reservoir and you take a path that actually follows the pipeline practically all the way, sometimes walking on top of it. The views are good (the back of Anoch Eagach ridge I think) and then you return along the bottom of the River Leven valley. I guess the reservoir itself isn't the best bit, its getting there.......I was also interested in the engineering I suppose even if some of it does blot the landscape.

The hospital staff were really good. I have had this injury before, albeit on the other arm, so I knew what to expect. The river was the Coe before it enters the gorge. There is a largish fall you can see as you drive towards the Clachaig. Although the water was high I now know how many rocks it contains having hit one at high speed!

The cottage was great and was perfect for what we wanted. No issues at all.
We are offering short breaks until the end of January, either a long weekend from Friday to Monday or a short week from Monday to Friday. The prices are the lowest of the year, of course. After February we revert to weekly rates, from Saturday to Saturday.
Lochside cottage near Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland
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