Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Things to do in the rain

When Gillian and I crossed Rannoch Moor last October we saw this rather nice rainbow. Rannoch Moor we think is one of the Wonders of Scotland. Every time we see it is looks different.

A nice e-mail from Emma, a recent guest

Hi Yes, first day back at work today so lots of emails to trawl through! We had a lovely time and the cottage was super, the weather was quite mixed and we found plenty to do. It was a great place for exploring and your notes really were useful for those wetter days!

Thanks again Emma

You can see some of the local places that can be investigated in bad weather from looking at our page on the web site called, Appin Land of the Stewart Kings. Quite good fun to take the family out to search for them. All within fifteen minutes of the cottage


We also have a special Autumn Deal we are promoting. A Weather guarantee!


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cruise Ships At Fort William one day?

Photo is taken from Fort William where a new dock for cruise ships may be built. This picture was taken by one of our guests, Libby Higgins, a month ago and looks down Loch Linnhe from Fort William. Thanks Libby.

Cruise ships at Fort William?
The deep water dock isn't built yet, the marina is not there, nor is the top class hotel, but they will be one day. That is, if the plans from three development companies for the Fort William waterfront go through.
It will involve re-claiming more land from Loch Linnhe. Let's hope it is not a pipe dream once more.
Gillian and I have moaned for years about the wasted opportunity offered by the lochside by-pass. It could be the Cannes of the North. It needs a couple of access tunnels to the waterside, the back of all the buildings cleaned up and gentrified, the widening of the pavement, and some planted palms. Yes, making use of our local ability to grow Mediterranean plants would be a good idea. We get some help from the Gulf Stream.


Lochside cottage near Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland
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