Thursday, April 12, 2012

This place is like a treasure trove. 2,300 year old harp found!

This picture is from the Daily Mail. 

In ancient Scotland, without written records, the history was handed down from father to son by word of mouth. But the essentials were often recorded in song. Important people had praise songs as a public tribute in the ancient Gaelic culture.

Cave drawings show how important was music. Flutes have been identified as the oldest instrument of all. You can find flutes to-day because they are made from bone. But the harp is made from wood, and does not last. The harp is the oldest stringed instrument known to mankind. This fragment has lasted for 2,300 years.

The fragment of this harp was found near Armadale in Skye opposite the Mallaig ferry. It was made only 100 years after the oldest harp ever found, in Persia.

Pictish stones depict harps from the 8th century. This harp dated back no less than 1400 years before that.

This is a treasure land, Scotland, it really is.
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This lovely shot was taken by our guest David Minshall. Ardnamurchan is lovely, remote and mysterious still.

Remarkable place Ardnamurchan. Long lost volcano, few people, reputed hiding place of Robert the Bruce, at Castle Tioram, very scattered communities. The Vikings loved it. Throughout the ages it has been disconnected from mainstream civilisation, because of the difficulty of travel except by boat.

They have recently found the remains of a 1,000 year old Viking longship used as a burial ground for a high ranking Viking  warrior. They have found his axce, his sword, his spear, his shield boss and his bronze pin ring. There would have been an early Viking settlement here. 

Lochside cottage near Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland
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