Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This huge spiritual pull of the highlands. We know what you mean Richard

This is a lovely picture of Betsy and Richard Skinner, who got married then came to our cottage. Here is their story.

Hi John and Gill,
I’m delighted to say we had a wonderful holiday. Not only was the weather excellent, but all your information and suggestions (and jokes) were totally appreciated and enormously helpful. We found the accommodation wonderful and are very happy all round... oh,and did you know that we had got married just before we came to Scotland! So another reason to celebrate....

We did a fair amount of walking (we're not Munro baggers, though) as well as chilling out. Excellent meal one evening at, whatever it's called just up the road (Holly Tree hotel, ed) ; and Betsy made use of their pool on several occasions - she had been swimming in Loch Lomond, on the banks of which we stayed for a couple of nights en route, but though she went in once when we visited Lismore Island she found it too cold.

We chose to come to the Glencoe region because years ago, when I was a nipper, we had a family holiday on the banks of Loch Lomond and visited Glencoe. The story of the Glencoe massacre grabbed my imagination then far more than the scenery, but on subsequent visits to Scotland I passed through Glencoe en route to Skye and every time my spirit soared - so I wanted to return properly, and Betsy was up for it. Being able to spend several days there felt somehow like keeping a decades-old vow to myself - and indeed a vow to the region too. I'm a Londoner by birth and upbringing, and a Devonian by choice, but the Highlands of Scotland have a huge spiritual pull for me, and Betsy (who had not been there before) was captivated too. To misquote Arnie Schwarzeneger (or however he spells his name), we'll be back...

Many thanks,  John and Gill.
Thank you very much Richard and Betsy for your email. We loved your enthusiasm for everything.

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