Saturday, March 06, 2010

For our Scottish friends and their friends - we'll pay half the cost of the holiday

You, or any friends of yours could be walking around here, in this magificent spot, in magnificent weather for a weekend break, or a midweek break in our cottage, and we will pay half the cost. You don't have to ski in Glencoe, you can take the ski-lifts and walk around. Glencoe skiing is having a marvellous run, for its new owners. They are all trying very hard and succeeding. The Glencoe ski centre, now called Glencoe Mountain, is the oldest ski centre in Scotland.

You don't want to miss Glencoe this winter of all wonderful winters.

Since we started letting the cottage, we have had 18 guests from Scotland.

From Friday 12th March, next week until Monday 15th we have no guests booked in. Also from Monday 15th March until Friday 19th we have no guests.

We thought it would be nice to see if it might be attractive for our past guests from Scotland - or their families or friends, if we made a big reduction in the price. Normally, for these breaks the price would be £295, but if you or your friends or family decide to snatch a quick break then we will pay for half of it.

This would make the price for each break just £147.50, Good Grief, I can't work it out in pennies so we'll make it a round £145. Heating at cost and linen £10, will add a tiny bit.

Fancy the idea? A lot of people are booking late these days, just had one in yesterday for later this month.

But it is nice to do something for old friends. If you, or your friends want to come, just put the price of £145 and the date you want in your subject line then we will know it comes from you. No good looking in the website, only the full prices are quoted there.

You can if you wish, send me the email addresses of friends, or neighbours of yours who might be interested and I'll mail them directly.

All of Glencoe is absolutely glorious at the moment for walking. The cottage has been upgraded since you were here last, new kitchen, bathroom. Still sleeps 4, still by the lochside, still made of 40 million year old Kentallenite, still has the Ballachulish slate on the roof, still with our friend Jessie as a neighbour. It is lovely.

Here is our other blog site with the skiing report for to-day added.


Lochside cottage near Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland
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