Thursday, June 03, 2010

What shall we do to-day, Mum? Let's try Glenfinnan and the Harry Potter train

This pic comes from Loch Sheil Cruises, Glenfinnan. There are sea eagles on the loch. It is about 40 minutes from the cottage. 
By the way we've got a new blog site, called Achingly Beautiful Appin, all about the little villages in the area. Have a look.  
Our new Appin villages blog site

Lovely email from Janet.

Hi John

Yes - just back home from work - not great.

Had a great time down there - weather stayed nice - visited Glencoe (a few times), Inverary, Glenfinnan and Mallaig, Ben Cruachan and of course Oban.

Cottage was fine even with us four large adults - were only really in in the evenings so no problem. Have never seen so much local information - what a job that must be keeping up to date but it was great and has great ideas and descriptions for things to do. FYI - MacTavishes is now just McTs in Oban - an upmarket burger restaurant but they still have the Scottish music and ceilidhs in the upstairs although it's now someone else - can't remember name (starts with an S) but it's a Ceilidh Club and the The Carnoch restaurant in Glencoe Village is now the Glencoe cafe and closes at five. That said we ate at the Climbers Inn - great, the Glencoe Hotel which was also very good and The George Hotel in Inverary which was really good as well.

Anyway we had a great time and the cottage was great even for we four big lumps.


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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Martha, please come one day and see where Dad worked

A few weeks ago, in the snow and ice, we had a group stay with us at the cottage. They were climbers, led by Huw Gilbert. He runs climbing courses all over the place, but particularly from his North Wales centre. A couple of weeks after he got back to Wales his wife, Jo, gave birth to a lovely daughter, Martha. We asked him for a pic, and Gillian and I, and our daughters have been oohing and aahing ever since. Lucky Tomos has a new baby sister to look after, and occasionally annoy. And she, him.

Here is Huw's report.
4 days leading Intro to Scottish Winter Climbing course. We used the cottage as a very welcome and comfortable base. Climbed Twisting Gully (111) on Stob Coire nan Lochan, Curved Ridge (11/111) on the Buchaille, Left Twin (111 hard) at Anoch Mor and Arch Gully at Stob Coire nan Beith on Bidean all followed by day's skiing at Nevis Range. Fantastic Snow and Ice conditions.

Huw's website for his climbing school

This is our new blog about Appin. I can't get Google to list it properly, yet. But she will, in time.
Our new Appin blog site

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