Thursday, December 13, 2012

Never mind Fracking. We have earthquakes in our village

I should have posted this story a long time ago.Scotland gets a lot of minor earthquakes.I remember last year they had one at Glenfinnan, a much bigger one.

Two little earthquakes hit the area. Residents said they felt it at Duror. Just the same strength as the Fracking quakes at Blackpool

The first quake struck at 6.06am and measured magnitude 1.4. It was followed 12 minutes later with a 0.8 tremor. Both were recorded by the British Geological Society.

Last August, residents reported a magnitude 1.9 quake in the Argyll village which they said “felt like thunder”.

There are roughly 200-300 quakes in Britain every year, but the vast majority are so small that no one notices them.


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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Half a million people are descended from Somerled, the founder of the MacDonald clan.

This pic is in this site.  The story is mostly from: Viking histories

The great Scottish hero, Somerled, founded two clans, the MacDougalls who were based around Oban, and the MacDonalds, the seafarers who controlled all the Western isles in days gone by. These were called the Lords of the Isles.

"DNA proves Celtic hero Somerled had Viking roots"

A leading DNA expert has shown that the Celtic hero Somerled who was credited with driving the Vikings out of western Scotland was himself descended from a Norseman. (I've always been taught that his mother was a Viking, so that would technically make him a Viking slave. furthermore the Vikings were not driven out, they were absorbed as settlers)

It had always been believed that Somerled was descended from an ancient royal line going back to when the Scots were living in Ireland.

A few years ago Bryan Sykes, an Oxford University professor of human genetics set up a company called Oxford Ancestors to research people’s DNA past, it was Professor Sykes who discovered that Somerled’s Y-chromosome – which is inherited through the male line – is of Norse origin.

Professor Sykes studied three Scottish clans and came to the conclusion that some 500,000 people alive today are descended from Somerled.

The MacDonald, MacDougall and MacAlister clans all claim descent from Somerled and Prof Sykes found that between 25 and 45 per cent of them shared the same Y-chromosome, of a kind normally found in Norway but rare in Scotland and Ireland.

By analysing the rate of mutation in DNA samples from clan members, Prof Sykes was able to show that the Y-chromosome came from a common ancestor who lived roughly 1,000 years ago.

He then tested five chiefs from the clans and discovered they all shared the same chromosome, which convinced him that the common ancestor must be Somerled, Lord of the Isles, in keeping with clan histories.

However, the analysis threw into doubt Somerled’s own origins. Prof Sykes told The Scotsman: “In the traditional genealogy, Somerled is a great Celtic hero who drives the Norse from Scotland, but his Y- chromosome is definitely Norse. The genealogies trace him back to a long line of Irish kings. But that’s not what the Y-chromosome says.

“He is certainly of Norse Viking paternal origin.”

It is open to question whether Somerled, who made driving the Vikings from western Scotland his “cause célèbre”, would have known the truth. (I don't like this idea of Somerled driving out the Vikings. Somerled, like all the clan chiefs was a chancer who took every opportunity to extend his territory. For example on the death of the great Scottish King, David 1st, Somerled took the Western seaboard. It didn't matter to him whether his opponents were Vikings or Scots)

The fact that clan chiefs still share the same basic Y-chromosome after some 87 generations shows that high-status women in the MacDonald, MacDougall and MacAllister clans were extremely faithful.

However, the large number of people alive today with the same Y-chromosome means the men in the family did not share this virtue to the same extent.

Maggie Macdonald, archivist of the Museum of the Isles on Skye, said Somerled was traditionally viewed as a Celtic hero.

But she added: “Maybe at that time it was more important who it was said you were descended from than who you were actually descended from.

“People may well have known his great-great-grandfather was a Viking.

“But it could have been that his great-great-grandmother had relations with someone who wasn’t her husband – it could be Somerled wouldn’t have known and thought he was this great Celtic hero.”


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