Friday, March 17, 2006

Walking with Golden Eagles

This review is by Simon Pallant who took the photograph. Thanks to him.

This nature reserve is called “Ariundle”, and it’s accessed from a small lane at Strontian. It has a nicely managed walk which is in two halves. From the visitor car park, the walk takes you along the banks of a river, through semi-open marshland. We have now been there twice, and on both occasions have been lucky enough to see Golden Eagles - unfortunately both times from a distance, and despite a good selection of lenses I have yet to get a decent photo of the blessed things. The walk then crosses the river, and you come back through some ancient woodland. Lots of mosses and lichens, and in the autumn the combination of colours from the bracken, heather, and leaves is beautiful. It’s an easy going walk; the path is well marked and is a pleasant couple of hours.

To get there from the cottage, cross the Corran ferry, and it is about half an hour or less to Strontian.

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