Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Local tales of the polis

Pic shows Loch Leven, north side, in January this year.
1) At Kinlochleven the river divides two police forces. Both of them got the same call that a man had fallen in. Each force sent a policemen to investigate. One was a fell runner and got to the body first. As his rival showed up he was tipping it over to the far bank. “Its yours,” he said.
2) The old ferry ran from the present Ballachulish Hotel to the Loch Leven Hotel. The ferrymen were in the habit of taking a dram in the back bar of each hotel. At the end of a long day a lady complained to the Police that the ferrymen were drunk. When they saw the Blue Light flashing, they were halfway across. They promptly turned round and went back to the side they’d just left, packed up the ferry and went home.

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