Thursday, May 02, 2013

NO. This is a horrendous idea. Dreadful.

Some MP and others want you to buy compulsory insurance before you go on a mountain in Scotland.

That is gross. Horrendous. The hills are the last bastion of individual freedom.

The rescue helicopters are being privatised but I don't know where they are going to get their funds from. How do you get a "sale" from a mountain rescue? By having insurance companies pay out is someone's answer.

Skiers? Tourists? Mountain bikers? Those playing happy families on the hills? Just climbing or walking along an old drove road as well?

Surely not. I can't believe this. When the volunteer mountain rescue teams support this idea (they don't) then I'll pay attention.

Ps. How are they going to police it? Wait a minute, if we put up some cctv cameras on the popular routes we could identify the uninsured cheats. They all must show their certificates to each of the cameras. Got it.

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