Monday, January 21, 2013


Dreadful. They were normal, happy people, it was a a fine afternoon and they were undoubtedly looking forward to a drink in the Clachaig in a couple of hours's time. Not much wind. But the wind direction was from the South. This is where the danger lies. This wind had probably blown snow up the windward side and deposited it on the lee side on top of older snow, where the climbers were. A nasty slab of snow like this slides easily, and does not take much to dislodge it. 

Contrary to popular opinion, the official avalanche warning was not of the greatest danger, it was one below below. They were on a fairly easy Winter route, they were expert people, properly equipped. There were probably a dozen other parties out on the hills in the area that day. There will be more out next weekend. As there should be. It is called the human spirit.

Glencoe is not a dangerous place. All winter sports are liable to these objective dangers. They had bad luck. Not for nothing are we reminded that this can still be called the "Glen of Weeping"

You have to hand it to the Rescue Teams there. Nothing short of heroic what they do. For no reward at all. Sometimes they go home and cry, too. 

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