Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Scottish Earl was the principal Ancestor of William the Conqueror.

The statue of Rollo stands in his adopted City of Rouen

In the 9th century, Vikings ruled the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The fierce Rollo, born around 846, was expelled from Denmark, and took over the Earldom of Orkney rather brutally by all accounts.

A terrible and powerful ruler he totally dominated his territories. His raiding parties went down the English coast to Brittany. They sailed along the Seine and invaded Paris itself. Not once. Many years in succession.

The French king, Charles, was terrified. He offered the land of Normandy to Rollo in return for not invading Paris.

The story has it that as part of the agreement Rollo had to bend the knee to King Charles. Charles the Simple. He said no Viking could do that and ordered one of his men to do it in his place. The man lifted Charles' foot so high that the King fell over backwards. The King did nothing - not so simple as all that.

That is how Normandy began. Born 200 years later, his great, great, great, grandson was the Duke of Normandy, William, the Conqueror.

Mind you he was born outside the sheets, as it were. But you didn't say this in those days if you wanted to keep your manhood.


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