Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rebekka - what an enthusiast!

Aren't our guests the nicest people you can ever meet? It is a joy to rent out this cottage. Rebekka stayed with us in November just before the cold set in and we all iced up. The photo is of the Holly tree Hotel just a stroll up the road from us
Hello John!
We had a wonderful week thank you! We arrived about 6pm Monday evening and decided rather than trying to find a shop that we'd treat ourselves, so we headed to the Holly Tree for a bar meal :)Tuesday we ventured into Fort William, did a food shop, had a walk through the town, and then spent the afternoon back at the cottage watching movies on the sofa :) We then ventured back to Fort William in the evening to go out for a meal at a place called Loch Iall I think (I'll double check!!- it is Loch Eil -Ed).. On Wednesday we went up to LochNess for the afternoon.. we figured after travelling 400 miles, another 60 wasn't going to kill us!! Lovely afternoon!! We then went back to the HollyTree for dinner that evening, but ate in the restaurant this time.. Thursday, I spent the morning in doing some university work (so I'm not totally behind when I go back tomorrow!!), my partner went for a 16km walk around the local area.. We then went to the Ben Nevis pub in Fort William for lunch.
The weather was good to us.. It only rained when we were in the car! Tuesday night and Wednesday were VERY windy though. I meant to leave the cleaner a note to apologise for not leaving the bin out the front, but we'd have lost the bin it was that windy.. They were scattered everywhere!!
I'll send you all the photos I took when I find the camera cable! I took one of a gorgeous sunrise Friday morning, it was about an hour's drive from the cottage, but I'm still very chuffed with it!!
I've also decided to start a food blog about all the places I go for meals.. Me and my partner regularly go out and thought it would be fun to do, so once it's up, I'll link you to it - Scotland will be the first entries :)
Many thanks for letting us use the cottage. I had a super time!!!
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