Friday, December 03, 2010

They're all nuts these Munro obsessives. Especially Durham ones.

Great photo by Justin Cormack. This bloke could easily be from Durham. flickr justin cormack link

I asked Graeme what he did in the week he spent at the cottage in November. I tell you the weather was foul, and Graeme was on his own. Are the wiry tyros from Durham particularly obsessed? Yes, I speak from experience.
60 years ago my sport  was rock climbing - our heroes then were names like Joe Brown, Don Whillans, about five years older than me. And who were the little beggars who were out first, out in all conditions, bad weather, what weather? Pitons, what are pitons? Overhangs, why are they a problem? Nerves? Tell me about those. They all seemed to come from Durham University. Graeme lives in Durham, so he's got to be one of them.  
Graeme, if you get any more of your pals who want to go climbing in the winter, tell them to come to us. We give you £200 off, for skiers, photographers and climbers in the winter.
Here is Graeme's initial report. He only managed 7 Munros! Only! He got stuck in the snow - where? In the flattest, most low lying country in Europe. I tell you, nuttiness surrounds these lads. 

Hi John
Everything was great, only managed 7 munros due to conditions slowing the pace and some dubious conditions underfoot but all good. I have just returned from Holland after a 2 day business trip turned into 3 with a seventeen hour delay and a drive to Manchester in blizzard conditions and a drive back today in temps. down to –11!!! 
I have a Christmas doo to organize for a few of us in a bothy in the Pennines for tomorrow night, 4 mile walk with backs of logs and supplies however at the moment the A66 (our route there) is closed with the snow, we have about 18” here.
After this I am flat out until Christmas at work as we just about have the construction site held up. So I intend to pull something together for you but at the moment it isn’t very near the top of a substantial list! To be honest it will probably be over Christmas when I get chance.
Hope this is OK

Graeme, this is more than ok. Thanks. Send another when you have the time. You deserve to be famous - a lot of people read this blog.
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