Monday, October 11, 2010

October in Glencoe. Not enough water. Kaykers are strange.

 Gillian and I are here in Glencoe, now, and it is fabulous. The sun is streaming down, well, for to-day anyway, and the colours are in the early days of turning yellow, red, and brown.
We popped down Glen Etive yesterday, to see how the kayakers were getting on. Not all that well, actually, not enough water.
Kayaking is a bit strange when you think about it. When everyone else is gloomy about constant rain the kayakers whoop and head for the falls. They want to go down river, but not far, because they'll have to carry  their canoes on their backs uphill. Ideally they want a road nearby where they launch, then they fall down a few hundreds yards, and they want the road to be there again, preferably with a van on it containing their mother who has done nothing else except sit in it hoping they haven't broken their backs. Mothers are a bit like that.

It is our day for finding the little things wrong in the cottage, and sorting them out. Got to switch over tv to digital, next week, I think, got to buy a new back door, and get a gate built, light bulb, heater element for bathroom - the really big things. Luckily, Michelle's Dad has done some painting for us, and husband John has fixed the outside light at the back.
Funny thing. If we were living here ourselves these jobs would not get done for months. but because we have guests staying they all have to be done instantly.
The joys of self catering, but we just need to look in the visitors book comments to see it is all worth while.
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Fowl Ideas said...

This is where the "next blog" button brought me.

Perhaps if they put wheels or tracks on their kayaks like those landing vehicles the Marines used in the Pacific.

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