Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A two centre holiday on the west Coast of Scotland? How about Glencoe and Arisaig?

You may not believe this, but it happens to be true. The weather on our side of the Glencoe mountains is significantly better than on the East side.
And if you go further West towards Arisaig it is better still. It is because the prevailing South westerlies have not yet been pushed high to dump the rain they carry - something like that. I am to metereology what mice are to jam making.

Here is another funny thing - November is not too bad a month. Wet yes, but the colours are lovely and it is not cold. Wonderful for touring around. No traffic. Gillian and I brought our parents up here in November some time ago and it was grand. The nights are getting short, true, but you can bathe in the browns and yellows of Autumn. Accommodation is cheap, too. Lowest prices of the year are offered at this time.

You can even find self catering cottage owners willing to break up the week into short stays of a few days. Well, Sheila does and so do we.

Sheila is lovely and I strongly urge you to stay with her some time at Ach na skia Croft. Her chalets are in a stunning location, they share this view towards Skye. I've pinched her picture from her site - hope you don't mind, girl.

How about a few days in our cottage, and a few days in Sheila's cottage?
Sheila's website for her cottages


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Lamanga said...

Beautiful picture.

Cottages in Scotland said...

Who won't want to watch the beautiful sunset site, like it is depicted in this picture. I would love to visit such a nice place, and listen to the silence of nature.

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