Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mull Wild life tours, from Glencoe and Appin

This is one of Richard Atkinson's pics - I stole it, hope you don't mind Richard. I'll give it back if you do.
Mull Wild Life tours. link below.
We had this lovely email from a client recently

Hello John. Thought I'd let you know about our stay in your cottage. First off thanks so much for all the info. It was so so helpful. We had great fun finding some of the walks and getting in a muddle. Lots of coffee in Crafts & Things. We had brill weather unlike down south which got completely rain clobbered.

We went on the wildlife safari on Mull which was very very good. Managed to watch golden eagles cruising around then resting up by their nest.Watched two sea eagles over the loch and one swooped down and had a battle taking a duck off the water. Bit worrying as the the eagle looked as though it was getting into trouble and obviously very worrying for the duck. Bad news for the duck as the eagle managed to lift off and go up into the trees.

Also had a great view of a couple of otters playing around as they ate some eels. Watched them for quite a while. I managed to get a finger slammed in the van door while we were over there and it was a mad dash for the first aid kit to strap me up. I was very brave though and didn't make to much fuss.

Actually I was worried about the sheep everywhere. Not only because the drivers didn't seem to make allowances for the babies right by the side of the road and also because it was just so craggy and scary and anything to do with babies and animals is a biggy for me. Had to avert my eyes a couple of times. We saw lots of different birds on Mull and our man Richard picked up on everything.

The name has been left off to protect the innocent.
Here is Richard Atkinson's website address. Wonderful tours, everyone says the same. He will pick you up at Fishnish ferry terminal, so you can leave your car this side and go as foot passengers. Calmac hate it, but we love it because it saves a lot of money. Don't go to Oban to catch the ferry, go across the little Corran ferry near us then drive down to Lochaline  - beautiful run. Ferries are frequent from there.
Mull Wild life Tours

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