Monday, February 02, 2009

Amazing weather in Glencoe - right now

Picture shows the Pap of Glencoe from the Kentallen road. Isn't the whole place stunning?

Here is the most amazing thing. Right now, the UK news bulletins are full of horror stories involving cold weather, deep snow in the East of Scotland, cars benighted, emergency services at full stretch, and worse to come. The worst snowfalls in the UK for 20 years they say!

What have we got in our little micro climate at Kentallen? Well, nothing but peace and calm. And we have quite high temperatures.

I've just looked up the weather station report from Mark our neighbour. This is what it says:

Dry, wind wnw force 1, no gusts humidity 55% (quite low). Temperature 6.9C no windchill at Kentallen cottage on 2/2/09 at 20.55.

It is very very much warmer here on the Scottish West Coast than on the East. It is the Gulf Stream and all that which does it.

Here at Kentallen, we have a different climate from Glencoe itself, because Glencoe, although it is just around the corner, is just over the hill. A 3,000 foot hill. And our climate in Kentallen is different again from that on Rannoch Moor. Now the Rannoch plain is one where you definitely do not want to be stuck overnight. Not unless you have a duvet sleeping bag, plenty of spare clothes, and a hot thermos. They'll get you out ok, but you want to be warm and still breathing when they do.

But here at Kentallen, all is peaceful bliss. Snow on the hills of course, brilliant skiing both at the Glencoe centre and at Nevis range. Brilliant high level walks.

By the way our cottage this month costs only £290 for the week. That is half the standard price

ps We can sometimes, very occasionally, get horizontal rain driven with the force of an AK47. Oh, very occasionally, of course. "A wee bit damp" they say.
pps. Here is a link to a page which gives you all the weather information, month by month for the region. Weather month by month in the area

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Lochside cottage near Glencoe in the Highlands of Scotland
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