Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Serious shortage of rainfall on the West coast of Scotland

Rain in Scotland is unbelievable. It is so often horizontal for the tourists yet there is not enough of it for new housing; you need flood prevention measures near Fort William, yet there is so little rain these days that the sand eels are dying out.
You might not think that to be important, but if you were a Puffin or a Gannet it would drive you into exile. No feed, you see. As a result the Puffin colonies are dying out.
This year Lochaber, including our area of Glencoe has had its driest May ever.
The Small Isles of Muck, Canna, Eigg, Rhum, Tiree and Coll are in fairly desperate straits. These Islands get 40% less rainfall than the mainland anyway.
There is to be an Annual Opening Day on Eigg on Sunday and the locals are filling up toilets by hand and not flushing them where possible - let alone not watering their gardens.
You can't get new buildings built in the Western Highlands, despite huge demand, because Scottish Water find it to be too expensive to supply drainage and sewerage systems.
The fact is that no one is going to put in the necessary money to the area because they cannot get a return on it. The population is too small, the economy is unbalanced with a huge population in the Summer and no one around in the Winter.
So when you see the weather map clouds lying thick over Scotland, have a think about the Small Isles - and our little micro climate in Kentallen. We might be fine and sunny there, with no one noticing. On the other hand we might be drowning in rain.

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