Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sun every day with no rain!! 8ins of snow

Dear John and Gillian
Had a great time. The weather after the first couple of days was fantastic. Sun every day with no rain!! Took your advice though and never left without a brollie. The landscape was amazing. The highlight was getting lost on one of the mountains. The snow covered the foot path and we trod through 8 inches of snow. A little scary at times, but we made it back safe. Cottage was lovely. Very clean. Well situated. Slept very well, not sure if it was the fresh air, the exercise or the comfortable bed !! Hope to do it all again may be later in the year or next year.
Thanks Ruth and Andy
The short e-mails from guests can give you the greatest pleaseure sometimes
Award winning photo by GW Clark posted on Flickr Thank you fer permission. Rannoch Moor, obviously.

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