Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Battle starting in North America

Can't resist another Spring picture. It is not even Valentine's day yet.

No sooner had I posted Craig's e-mail about the frozen North of Canada than we had our other pal back on the e-mail - Pokey Sue - from Maine. This is what she has written this morning.

Now, now boys and girls. (Its only fun.. I think the last time there was a serious outbreak of violence between the two was in 1812. We were involved then, too. Take care Craig, she is married to a Campbell)

Hi there, John, happened to check your blog to see what's new. Those Canadians are always trying to prove it's lots colder in Canada than Maine.

I wouldn't believe a word of it, all written under the influence of Labatts or Moosehead. Though, come to think of it, the only place I've ever seen beer freeze in a bottle while trying to drink it was in Canada. Now that you mention it, maybe I'm blocking out a bad memory - was it in Canada that my gloves wouldn't work and I needed 3 coats on top of my long underwear??? Well, if they are coming to your cottage after us, I will leave them a wee pair of warm booties in case they are unused to the chill.

Now, now.

No, could be a good idea
I've got to get in the link to our new page on the Vikings, because Google has indexed it but not high up on the pages. So every little link in helps. Actually, I'll have to change some of the wording to make it more friendly to Lady Google. She can be a tough dame at times.

  • The Vikings in Scotland, the Terror, the Battles, Vikings in Glencoe

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