Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Maine gives in. Sue says she was only joking

I don't care how cold it is. It looks stunning. This is how Ben Nevis looked to-day from the other side of Loch Linnhe.

Pokey Sue says Canada can have cold, truly. Wise girl. And funny.

Well of course you must realize that Maine's claim to being cold is simply a myth designed to keep people from moving up here in droves. If anyone found out it's really only below zero (F) two or three times a year, I mean, we'd be besieged. Every once in a while a palm tree starts up, stomped on immediately. We wear our plaid woollen shirts well into July and best of all, we all like to go to Scotland where it's certainly much warmer and you can watch the sideways rain whilst whipping up mai tais in the blender. Not for everyone, but well, it reminds me, does the cottage have a blender?

Pokey from Maine (where its snowing its brains out tonight...) Quite warm though. Should think that Nova Scotians should check in soon with their comments. Newfies? Fort Kent? Madawaska?

(Madasawho? Editor)

We've got a Monday to Friday break open next week in half term amazingly, and just one more short break open from March 17th Monday to Friday. So why can't I advertise my own cottage in the midst of the Cold War. That's a fine huckster tradition.


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