Friday, April 27, 2007

Kentallenite - the most amazing granite stone

This is the pier at Kentallen, 200 yards from the cottage. Best fsihing in the area.
Three young people took a week off and gathered at the cottage. This is what they said. "We really enjoyed our week, the scenery is amazing. We wandered about a lot and tried some fishing. We caught 30 fish in total but only four big ones."
"The neighbours and locals were friendly and helpful, and the cottge was great. We are going to come back and explore more.
The cottage was great."

A party of Japanese got out of a coach at the pier near the Hollytree up the road from here. They took out little hammers and began hammering at the rock. Strange behaviour? Well not if you are a geologist.

Our cottage at Bayview is built from local stone quarried from 300 yards away. In the world of geology this Kentallanite stone is famous.

Its particles look like this, but you would need quite a powerful microscope to see this.

The stone was formed about 400 million years ago and is very very tough. On different occasions it has apparently had six miles of ice on top of it. Hardy stuff! We could tell that by the language of the men who installed our double glazing. Fancy our cottage being 400 million years old!


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