Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Head for Crafts and Things, Glencoe

People travel from Australia, NewZealand, and America to see the Highlands. Where do they stop? Crafts and Things in Glencoe. Glasgow weekenders out for the day, English holidaymakers finding their holiday homes, local bed and breakfast guests - everyone, absolutely everyone it seems, stops at David Coopers little traditional croft house for teas. The team is tremendous, the service is very good indeed, however long the queue, it does not take long. You'll see everyone in there. The occasional film star, climbing giants of Himalayan fame, high and low, everyone is treated as normal.

It is our secret for prolonged bad weather - not that you get much of that, of course. Just nab your table in Crafts and Things and down latte after latte.

The range of gifts that David stocks is chosen with great care. If you are looking for something classy to take home, something interesting, something with design flair then his place is the best we have come across. A narrower range, of course, but as good as anything you can find on Princes Street in Edinburgh.

If you are heading for Glencoe, then head for Crafts and Things. That's our advice.

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