Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rescued by men in a White Van!

Late March 06.
John, We had a wonderful week – the weather was generally dry, clear and sunny – snow on the peaks; just what we had hoped for. We had one day of snow when the whole place turned to a winter wonderland – though quickly melted when it turned to rain!

I had a great walk up the ‘Pap’ and another family walk up Glen Nevis. Also other smaller walks – one less successful out at Arisaig along a non existent path! I was wondering why ordnance survey rarely show paths in Scotland – perhaps that is why! This one was clearly marked on the map but was a swamp! We ended up being rescued by two men in a white van who took us all back to Arisaig!

We really liked your cottage – very cosy and full of character. Thanks for the baby chair – this was really helpful though you ought to know that it doesn’t actually fit your chairs, at least not very securely. But it didn’t matter – we just used it on the floor.

The info you provided was really helpful – we followed your advice on where to eat and drives and walks etc. all were good! Crafts and Things and Stalker View (which became our second home!) were very child friendly and had lovely coffee and cakes.

All in all Scotland has much to commend it in March – things are open and happening but there aren’t the crowds. I was the only person up the Pap on what was an ideal day. Plenty of space in all pubs and cafes etc too.

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