Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Little baby girl otter rescued - Ardnamurchan

Last week a little baby girl otter cried and whistled at two young holidaymakers in Ardnamurchan, and snuggled against their feet like a kitten. Abandoned by its mother, it would have died but for the hot water bottle and plastic box they kept it in. The cub happily fell asleep in front of the fire, after watching The Bill. At Strontian next day it was handed over to a wild life officer. "Sometimes the mothers get trapped or die and leave the babies to fend for themselves" said Andy who deals with 20 cubs like this every year. "We just feed them on little fillets of fish and return them to the wild."
In Scotland anything can happen. We've been trying to spot otters by the Kentallen Old Pier for years without luck. Others have, or so they say.
Picture by Ewan Urquhart

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